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Want to sell more easily? Try door to door selling

When I first launched my business, I spent a good portion of my time telemarketing.  It's an effective and lower cost method of setting appointments with prospective clients.  It's also not for the timid.  You must be bold and prepare yourself to face rejection 98 out of 100 times (just to set an appointment).
One of the ways I trained myself to be more comfortable over the phone was to walk door to door to meet businesses in my area.  Was I successful in my door to door experience?  No, but that's not the point.  Door to door soliciting was a means to an end in order to make me more relaxed in my phone approach when I called prospective business owners.
Yesterday, I had a young fellow walk in to my office who was selling colognes and perfumes.  I have no doubt that young man will do well for himself as I consider that method of selling to be among the most difficult.  I am already with enough colognes so I didn't buy but I could appreciate the guts to do what I witnessed yesterday.  
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/09/2011