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Location is a major key to business success

For seven years my office was on the second floor of a building which had no elevator and shared one bathroom.  I don't mean a bathroom for woman and a separate bathroom for men.  I mean ONE bathroom for the 3 businesses in that particular building.  I also had to share marquee space with the near dozen or so other businesses in the complex.  We were not easily seen from the road so walk in's were rare.
Why is location such an important key?  Well, we have not been in this building for a year but in the time we've had, we've had more walk ins than all the time we had been in our old location.
A good location is a first step to improving the odds of success.  There are other factors including already having a built up practice.  While the current building we are in is good, it would not sustain us if walk ins were are only source of business.  
Just remember location is important but so are other forms of advertising to draw customers to you.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/11/2011