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Why upgrading your equipment is good for business

O.K., call me fashionably frugal.  I like a deal.  I like a deal where I may be able to save a great deal of money.  There are times however when I've had to learn the hard way.
Years ago, I bought a commercial grade copier.  For a mere $150 more, I could have upgraded to have it automatically form feed.  "One hundred and fifty dollars for automatic form feed???  Nah, I don't need it."  Big mistake.  As my practice grew, the deal became less so.  The lack of a form feeder cost me time and made my business look like small potatoes as I slowly copied one page at a time by hand.  The next copier I purchased wasn't a deal (price wise) but was what I needed.  The old relic of a copier sits in my home study slowly becoming a giant paperweight.
Upgrade your equipment when you can.  Look to increasing your production as a major consideration as you do so.  You'll be glad you did.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/12/2011