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I was home watching TV Sunday evening and happened on a show on millionaires.  Not the ones like the Monopoly man (reference to the board game) but just regular people who had an epiphany and created wealth for themselves based upon an idea.
The haters will say all the innovations and discoveries have been made.  Not so if you had watched the same show as me.  One guy loved popcorn, so much so that he created seasonings to change the popcorn's taste as his whims changed.  One thing led to another and bang, millionaire.  Another is a scientist who had a lab accident and then an idea emerged.  Bang, water soaker for kids.  A third, my favorite story, were two brothers who made T-shirts in their vehicle and peddled them around at different places.  With under a hundred dollars in their bank account, one of the guys came up with the idea of a little piece of art with the caption "life is good".  The idea spawned massive t-shirt sales and made them both millionaires.
I loved all their stories and it inspired me to think of creative ideas to do things.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll be the next one who creates a million for themselves from an idea.
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Richard J. Garcia | 06/14/2011