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Time to make note of tax deadlines for 2010

If you have ever received a penalty for late filing, you know how frustrating it can be to cut a penalty check for something which could have easily been prevented.  Maybe a sheet of federal deadlines to tape on your wall as a reminder would help. For others, that same sheet on the wall becomes a kind of office "art" that gets overlooked and you prefer an e-mail reminder.

My website offers the federal deadlines under the tab marked Tax Center and the selection tax due dates.  For those needing e-mail reminders for federal reporting due dates then consider signing up with your e-mail address on the tab labeled Tax Center and the selection tax due date reminder.  

I appreciate the opportunity to assist in your tax needs but it's always nice to get a little extra help to comply with your federal reporting requirements.

Richard J. Garcia | 01/05/2010