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Brown bagging it to work doesn't have to deprive you

I don't eat out often.  That said, I still eat pretty well thanks to a well stocked refrigerator at work and cooking gadgets.  For Father's Day, I asked for and received an electric wok.  I love, love, love Asian food.

With a little advance planning to buy groceries, I am able to eat more healthy on the foods which are better for me at the office.  Now don't get me wrong, I would rather have juicy fried chicken every day but now that I am an adult, I have to make better choices for my health.

With the wok, I plan to incorporate more vegetables while backing off the breads and starchy foods.  It's my hope to work down my waist line back to my teenage and young adult years without feeling like I'm depriving myself.  My High School reunion is coming up in a few months so my additional exercise and diet better do its stuff over the next few months.  Wish me luck!

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Richard J. Garcia | 06/28/2011