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Becoming an entrepreneur occurs at all ages

A former neighbor of mine used to have his yard maintained by a high school aged teenager.  I should not have judged (but did) on the young man.  He would pull up to customer homes in a large shiny black truck which towed a jet black trailer complete with multiple mowers (pull and riding), trimmers, clippers and more.  You get the picture.  I thought Daddy bought him all those things but it turns out he bought them himself with the cash he generated cutting lawns.  
He was quite an entrepreneur and his marketing model was simple.  He would print out flyers and hand them out to neighbors on the sides of the customer whose yard he was cutting.  He had magnetic signs on his truck to advertise while he was driving around.  Oh by the way, that kid took care of a yard (mowing, trimming, blowing) faster than I could do on my best day.  He was a hustler.  If you think he was all brawn, you'd be wrong.  He had an academic scholarship already sewn up.
How did he expand his territory of service?  He bought out competing lawn care businesses.  As a CPA, I could really appreciate how he grew his business.
It just goes to show you than you can turn youth into an advantage.  Oh, by the way, his business was doing so well that I understand his Dad was considering leaving his job to take over his business while the son went to get his degree.  Wow!
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Richard J. Garcia | 07/25/2011