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Growing a business too fast can be a bad thing

For those of us who grew up watching I love Lucy shows, there's a classic one where Lucy is an employee working along a moving production belt of a candy manufacturer.  She was supposed to wrap the candy and place the candy back onto the conveyor belt.  At first the conveyor belt moved the candies slowly enough where Lucy had time to wrap each candy and place the product back onto the moving platform.  As the speed increased Lucy began to miss candies and after a bit the candies came too fast for her to perform her task and it was there in which the hilarity ensued.
As a business grows, the infrastructure to perform the work is strained to handle it.  When sales grow too fast is when the business can implode due to the additional demands which sales puts upon it and the lack of support to handle all the parts of servicing the client.
That is why at times growing a business too fast can be a bad thing.
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Richard J. Garcia | 07/27/2011