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An essential trait for an active business owner

I was in a meeting earlier this week with people in a number of various professions.  What was surprising to me was the outgoing personalities of some CPA's in the room.  CPA's suffer from a stereotype as the glasses wearing (yes, I wear them), quiet people with the conversational skills slightly better than a robot.
As I was taking in how the CPA's could be the most engaging people in the room, it occurred to me that they were business owners too.  Business owners benefit more by being engaging with new people and to be able to carry on a conversation with ease.
I've been told countless times that "you don't match what I thought of from an accountant."  Well, over time I've had to work hard to learn the skills of engaging people I meet and selling my services to them.  There are a number of quality providers in my industry and making them feel comfortable with you may just be the little extra to separate yourself from the pack.
It takes ongoing and continued practice to hone your conversational skills.  I believe you should have an outside interest from what you do for a living to balance you out.  
If you want to have a chance to make it with your own business now or one day, begin now to improve your ability to get along well with others and keep them interested in having a conversation with you.
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Richard J. Garcia | 08/12/2011