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To grow your business, don't forget what made you successful

It's a natural inclination to feel entitled to take it easy when you've operated a business for awhile but rest on your laurels is a recipe for disaster.

Why is it that champion boxers lose their belt to other fighters?  Well, I suppose time takes its toll on the body and eventually people just can't do what they used to do.  At the same time, you have younger more hungry boxers coming up and just looking for a break to take the belt.  It's that way with business too.  To catch your breath every now and then is o.k. but earn your place in the business world every day by continuing to do those things which made you successful in the first place.  

Knowing how hard it is to stay a market leader is what makes the accomplishments of companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft and others even more impressive.

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Richard J. Garcia | 08/21/2011