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Align your business with complimentary businesses

To be all things to all people.  If you have a business, it's a nice thought but somewhat impractical.  For me, I'd rather concentrate my business to areas where we have the resources to do quality work.
I had someone in my office yesterday who was telling me of their plan to open up a new business.  Their business concept was exciting and though it's possible for my firm to offer what they're planning to do, it would not be practical for me.  Why?  Well, we would spread ourselves to thin.
I think businesses should align themselves with others so that collectively the customer's needs are served.  The electrician refers work to the roofer who refers work to the plumber who refers work to the painter.  In that way of aligning yourself with complimentary businesses, everybody wins including the customer.
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Richard J. Garcia | 08/23/2011