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Driving your business

Do you remember when you were first learning to drive.  I learned how to drive a vehicle with standard transmission.  In order to move, there had to be a sequence of events to drive the car.  Adjusting mirrors, putting on seat belts, putting key into the ignition and turning to start the car.  Then the real hard part began to make the car move.

Your business is much like that car.  You either buy a business or build it from scratch. There are bookkeeping, payroll and tax compliance responsibilities.  You also need to decide how to market your product or service.  Promoting your business needs to happen all the time.  Being able to follow the rules of the road for increasing your business success takes an able experienced professional who will provide business tune ups to make your enterprise run smoothly.

Taxing agencies are like the police on the road.  They have laws that need to be followed.  Our firm understands the tax laws (including reporting due dates) and provides tax return preparation to help you avoid penalties.

Give us a call to increase your odds for your business to stay on the road of the marketplace for years to come.

Richard J. Garcia | 01/30/2010