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How to approach complex situations

Yesterday I was at a client site to help them properly record some transactions.  For the owner, the process seemed rather straight forward but for me, I've learned it's rarely that easy.

Early in my career I would begin projects without thinking the steps through.  Hours later, it would occur to me that a few precious minutes analyzing the situation before hand would have served me well. 

I listened to my client while he described the problem.  Once he was done, I thought about it for a few minutes (hard won lesson over the course of my career) and then diagrammed out the steps to solve the problem.  Along the way I generated screen prints of the various steps I took to work through the process.  When it was complete, I solved the problem and provided an easy to follow process for his staff to work through. 

A little preparation to save time and frustration over the long run.

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Richard J. Garcia | 09/28/2011