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    Apathy, it's a sickness that can plague a community.  I had it for a long number of years.  Let somebody else do it was my thought and yet I'd complain how things used to be different when I was little.

    I had "the light" go on in my brain about five years ago.  I was thinking the same old thought (we are talking years here) about how there's nothing going on in my Church and community when it hit me.  The problem wasn't the community.  The problem was me.  I wasn't involved.

    About 5 years ago, I joined my Church choir.  I wasn't a great singer then and I'm still not now.  The point is that I'm participating.  

    I was approached about 6 years ago (give or take) about helping out with a chess tournament at my kids elementary school.  As a small business owner, I didn't really feel like I had the time (who feels like they do these days) but agreed.  I've stayed involved with it (my kids are long past elementary school by the way) and we (it takes a team) put one on twice a year (Harmony Hills Chess Tournament in the NEISD school district).  It's open to elementary and middle school kids in San Antonio and surrounding areas.  We are giving back in our own way.  We average 75 participants in the fall and 125 in the spring.

    You can either get involved with your community in some way using your time/talents/treasure or keep complaining like I used to about how things used to be different when you were little?

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    Richard J. Garcia | 10/25/2011