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Why statistics isn't the only way guide a business decision

For personal enjoyment I am in a free NFL contest with the grand prize winner receiving a trip to some exotic location.  I actually don't know where as I'm not playing for the trip.  I'm playing to see how well I do picking the winning team.

I have in the past spent a considerable amount of time handicapping each game by won/loss record, their ranking in offensive and defensive numbers and a number of intangibles like if their star player(s) hurt.  So how am I doing?  Slightly better than average.

The reason why guiding a business by statistics isn't good by itself for business is that each one is different.  You don't know if a business owner has the proper amount of training, capital, personality to deal with customers.  

Use statistics as a tool but not as your central decision making source or you might only create a business lingering around average as well.

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Richard J. Garcia | 10/31/2011