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Business tasks a small business owner should do themselves

Last year I had a misunderstanding with my webmaster.  I thought they were going to renew my domain name with the hosting vendor and they thought I would do it.  As a result it didn't get renewed and I wound up having to buy it back from someone in England at a premium.  Just yesterday I renewed the domain name myself although I had specifically asked the webmaster to do it for me as part of their service.

If it's critical to your business then you should make a task list for yourself to accomplish things which could greatly and adversely affect your business (like losing your domain name).  

I knew it was getting ready to expire because the number of visitors were climbing so much higher in the last few weeks.   Though I'm proud of my website myself, I know that a sudden increase in traffic may not have anything to do with my blogs or web content and perhaps but is now just a tasty morsel for someone to purchase since they can take over a domain which has been in existence for many years now.

I plan to follow up today with the hosting company just to make sure everything is in fact renewed correctly.  Why did I wait until a few days before it expired?  To tell the truth, I figured the increase in traffic might be could to move me up on the search engines.  

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/02/2011