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Finding a location for your business at an affordable price

This week I've read two stories about businesses which purchased their own location.  In one, the story is about the owner of a restaurant who operated on a street for years and had the opportunity to purchase the property at $15,000.  He waited a few more years and the popularity of the street increased (along with the asking price).  The next offer to sell the same property to him was $300,000.  He wound up buying a property down the street a ways and is lucky to have a thriving business (though he could have saved a bunch of money if he had bought earlier).

I read a second story about how artists in New York and Chicago made their neighborhoods funky and cool only to be priced out of it after they created the desirability to live there.

The trick is to find a neighborhood at an affordable price before it reinvents itself into a high priced district.  

As a small business owner with a store front facing a very busy street, location makes it so much easier to be noticed and attract new business.

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/11/2011