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    Behind my office building we have a small patio.  When it rains hard, debris from the apartment complexes that butt up behind my building are carried down a descending slope and onto my property.  When I first moved in, I paid to have the patio cleaned up.  It stayed clean until the next big rain and you guessed it, leaves and trash found their way to me.

    Recently, I pondered whether to hire someone to clean it up for me or do it myself.  It wouldn't have been too costly but when you begin to avoid work is when you need to start worrying.  Work in any form is good for you.  It teaches you that each job (from landscape service to CPA services) deserves respect.

    I completed about half the task yesterday as I swept and bagged at a snails pace.  All that bending and scooping doesn't help a lower back that misses the flexibility of my youth.

    I'm reminded at a story I read about the founder of Taco Cabana who had a number of businesses over his lifetime.  Even after he was set financially, he still was willing to bus tables and perform other menial tasks when he had paid staff  who could do it for him.  I suppose that's one of the reasons why he was so successful.  No work too big or too small.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 11/20/2011