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Is upsetting the apple cart of advertising a sound strategy?

The first Christmas song I heard on the radio this year was BEFORE Halloween.  BEFORE HALLOWEEN???

I love the Christmas season.  The gathering of families, the sharing of meals, the joy and goodwill towards your fellow man.  That said, promoting one holiday before another has passed just upsets me for some reason.  I realize many businesses make or break their year on the holiday shopping and the Christmas season is their best chance to work themselves into higher levels of profitability.

I personally begin to look negatively on businesses which promote a holiday out of chronological order.  Meh, maybe I'm old school as I feel each holiday should enjoy its own exclusive time in the year.  

So, what did I do when I heard that first Christmas song?  Did it upset the apple cart of advertising for me?  I'd say so.  I turned to another station.  Too soon, too soon.

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/21/2011