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What you need to throw away when you start a business

It's a pity.  Throughout our lives, we are conditioned to follow the crowd.  From kindergarten through high school, we follow a natural progression for our education.  In addition, we learn a herd mentality.  It's not a bad thing since it helps to keep you moving forward in education and learning how to adapt in society.  However, it also creates a fear to strike out on your own.

What do you need to throw away when you start a business?  Being a follower.  

So many people want to start businesses but don't for fear it costs too much or requires more than they can provide.  Well, I just read a story on how a formerly unemployed gentleman started a candlemaking business (which now grosses $185 million) on a borrowed $35 loan.  Keep in mind that he didn't start at the top.  He began small, reinvested his profits and kept growing his business until it was able to sustain him.

Why should others have all the fun running businesses?  Why not you?

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/28/2011