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Sometimes events decide your course of action

On Sunday, our hot water was no more.  I am not mechanically inclined so outside of making sure my circuit breakers hadn't tripped, I didn't know what to do.  I took a cold shower but the wife will not so on Monday I had to leave work early to meet the Plumber at my home.

I paid the going rate to have him trip the breaker on the water heater itself and within an hour we had hot water again.  I had hoped he would be able to meet us after hours but he had prior personal commitments which meant that someone like me (who works on commission) would have to meet him at my home instead of someone (like my wife) who draws a  regular paycheck as an employee.

I wasn't happy to leave work but I've got daughters and a wife who were not going to wait one more day for hot water.  

Sometimes events decide your course of action.  In my case, I missed a half a day of working and now need to hustle to make up those hours.  Am I upset?  Well, a bit but at least things will be able to return to normalcy and we won't have to heat up water on the stove for the family to get clean.

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Richard J. Garcia | 11/29/2011