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In business as in life, have backup plans

I usually have backup plans should things go wrong in the office.  You never know what may happen so you should prepare as best you can for when bad luck hits you.

Yesterday I probably should have just stayed in bed.  My truck wouldn't start so I took my car to work. I arrived at work to learn my office internet and one phone line was on the fritz.  I went to get some lunch and while turning a corner one of the ball joints slipped on my car's front end which left my vehicle unable to drive.

Did you ever hear the expression that bad luck runs in threes?  

I'm blessed as I waiting for a couple of hours but was able to visit a restaurant near where my car was waiting for a tow truck.  Blessed you say?  Sure!  I struck up a conversation with the restaurant's owner and it turns out she is looking for an Accountant to help her business.  It might lead to some new business for my firm.

So, what about the backup plans?  In my case, when my car lost its ball joint, I pulled off the street and found myself miraculously in the parking lot of a small automobile repair shop.  I like to send work to my clients whenever possible but the two tow trucks which came both said more damage might be caused by the tow than to just leave the car just where it was.  My plan to have my client's vehicle repair shop do the work fell through.  The upside?  The little shop my car was parked in back of quoted me what I considered a fair price to get my vehicle fixed.  Unbelievably to me, they were able to have my car fixed and ready to go a mere two hours after I left my vehicle for service there.  One of my accounting associates in the office was kind enough to drop me off on her way home.

My internet and phone line had been repaired by the time I returned to the office in the late afternoon.  I had called the phone company early in the day as a plan to have somebody get us back to normal.

My truck?  I like having a spare vehicle just in case.  Last night I drove over to the auto parts shop to buy a battery.  The new battery I purchased last night didn't solve the problem so I will be calling my regular mechanic in the morning.  Like I said, It's good to have back up plans because sometimes, life can completely upend what you intended to do.  Being able to drive the truck soon will bring me full circle for closure and to put me back on the road to normalcy again.

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Richard J. Garcia | 12/06/2011