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A vacation for small business operators

O.K., here's some truth. For me, it had been 10 years since I had a vacation.  When operating a business, you are afraid to leave because of what might happen while you are out of the office.  Will I miss a potential deal?  Will a client need me in a time of emergency and I'm not there to help.

All the time spent working day after day and wearing yourself out reduces your productivity.  You must take extended time away from your business to recharge your batteries and enjoy life.

My first vacation sent me to the coast.  I didn't answer my phone or call in to work while I was away.  You know what?  I could feel my body relaxing and my mind able to unplug from the work, work, work mode.  

Why did I wait 10 years?  Looking back half a year after the vacation, I don't know but I plan to have another vacation every year going forward.  Life can't all be about work.

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Richard J. Garcia | 12/18/2011