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Top reasons for starting a business

This morning, as you drop kids off for school, grab a cup of coffee and donut at your favorite restaurant, brave the rush hour traffic, take a good look at the businesses you pass.  What made them open that particular store?   

I opened my business because I wanted a little more control over my own destiny.  I read an article this morning where a someone interviewed 100 business owners to find out why they started their particular business.  The largest percentage of respondents said to get rid of debt.

Think about it.  Everyone has bills to pay for rent, mortgage, food, utilities, clothing and such. You can certainly employ a bit of fiscal responsibility by creating a family budget but consider starting a business as a way of clearing some or perhaps all of your debts.

We would be happy to consult with you on how to make that happen.  

Richard J. Garcia | 02/09/2010