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In business, create advantages no matter how small

Oh it was a really busy time for me the last week of the year.  I purchased lots of supplies for the office which included tax forms and such (which helps for business deductions).  Another thing I purchased were replacement flood lights for the exterior of the building.  I prefer not to change lights often so I spent the extra and bought ones with a 4 year life.  I wish I had looked a bit harder as I spotted some flood lights which were energy efficient (and six year life) after my purchase.  Oh well.

In business you do your best to create advantages as often as you can.  Whether in office supplies, advertising or location, increasing your advantages (big and small) create opportunities which benefit your business.

I am a CPA in San Antonio and provide bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and more.  We offer a free initial visit and look forward to serving your business needs.

Richard J. Garcia | 01/04/2012