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Starting a business for under $100

I've mentioned in past blogs to consider starting a business.  Maybe you've thought about it but dismissed it like most of the infomercials you might see on TV.  O.K., how about if I just suggest a couple of businesses to start with under a $100 investment.  Can't be done?  Well, how about the following:


-  Paint street numbers on curbs in your neighborhood.  Quick easy work.

-  Lawn care.  If not mowing, then raking.  I knew of a young high school boy a few years ago who purchased a truck, trailer and all his equipment from his profits.

-  Housecleaning for residential homes.  This would make a great present to a loved one with little time to clean.

-  Organizer either for residential or business owners.  

-  Selling your unwanted stuff on the internet to clear clutter in your home.  Consider EBAY or craigslist.


Hopefully, the ideas mentioned will get you off the fence and into business ownership.  The business you start now may provide the springboard and cash flow to get you into the business you've always wanted to own.

Richard J. Garcia | 02/10/2010