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Do the right thing

While in my office last week, I received a much needed phone number from someone.  My Mother had asked for a contact number of a Plumber for some work she needed at her house.  It was a busy day when I picked up the phone and immediately tried to fiip the number to my Mother and return back to a deadline driven day.  My Mother had many legitimate questions regarding the Plumber and how I knew him.  I was under stess and after the third or fourth question spoke a bit harshly.  The words lept out of my mouth and I couldn't take them back.  Darn, I'm suddenly a bad guy.

I thought about it and ultimately decided the right thing to do was have a face to face chat (which I did on Sunday).  Regardless of how much I was under at the time with an allergy/cold I was feeling and the deadline I was under that day, I needed to apologize in person.

Many times it's hard to do the right thing when you're afraid or ashamed of what you've done.  Doing the right thing though makes you a better person.

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Richard J. Garcia | 01/16/2012