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Running a business and smelling the roses along the way

I was sharing the day's experiences last night with my Father In Law.  It was a very busy one and unexpected events had occurred.  He shared some of his experiences from over 30 years as a business owner.  What I took from the conversation is that the players may change but the game remains the same.

I woke up this morning and began to reflect on yesterday's happenings again when our family cat decided that I seemed like a comfortable spot for laying down upon.  I was on my smart phone blogging and then I'm face to face with a feline looking for some attention.  That's when perspective hits me.  There will always be the demands of work.  When my time is through, someone else will fill my spot in the economy and things will go on without me.  The cat however reminds me to smell the roses along the way and enjoy the ride.

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Richard J. Garcia | 01/31/2012