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A career for an introvert

I was half surprised to read an article on careers for shy people.  One of the original reasons I chose Accounting many years ago was the thought I would have limited interaction with others.  I had considered myself an introvert at the time but it turns out I'm actually an extrovert.  Who knew!  I certainly didn't as I made my decision to study Accounting as a graduating High School senior.  The article I recently read listed Accounting as the #2 career choice for a shy person.

Perhaps you can be a shy person and make a living working as an Accounting employee for someone else but I don't think it's possible to have long term success as a business owner of an Accounting practice without developing the skills to socially interact with clients.  Customers need to be able to chat with you.  Being painfully shy and not taking steps to overcome that trait limits you on being able to attract and keep customers.  

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Richard J. Garcia | 02/05/2012