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Talking and hoping for a sale

I just hung up from a call this morning.  There was a really bubbly person on the other line who engaged me in conversation and attempted to sell me on their product. 

People should be aware there's a difference between shotgunning and focusing on your market.  What do I mean?  Shotgunning is just randomly calling people and hoping you'll get someone interested in what service/product you are offering.  Focusing on your market is identifying who it is you want to sell to and making it a win/win proposition for both parties.

My caller this morning didn't really engage me.  I get a call out of the blue and spent about 3 minutes listening while they spoke seemingly without taking a breath.  Though their product probably is great for someone, where they will be placing their product is no where near my office.  If she had done her homework, she would have tailored her product to businesses which are in the area of the product placement.  Simple and much more likely a situation where she could close the sale.

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Richard J. Garcia | 02/06/2012