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Creating a little happiness while at work

Last week I came across a photo of my Wife and me at a good friend's wedding reception taken at least a decade ago.  I didn't really think much of it when the picture was being taken.  It was just one of those pose, click and return to the festivities type of things.  Still, I'm looking at it this morning and I see two people who appear to be enjoying themselves.  There should be more pictures like the one I'm looking at and I'm going to see to it that I add more photos and memories with the woman whose been by my side for a couple of decades plus.

Really, if you are going to be in one place for hours a day then consider adding touches (like photos) to remind you of why you work every day and to thank your maker for letting you be blessed in the way you are.  A little bit of happiness goes a long way.

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Richard J. Garcia | 02/13/2012