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    Spending your way to business prosperity.  That was a tough concept for me to learn.  After all, I had been classically educated to control spending.  Spending to grow?

    My most recent story involves the signage outside my office.  Today we had a walk in customer.  We've had more walk in clients at this location than in the seven years we were at our last location.  How did they decide to stop?  The sign.  In truth, I actually had to pay twice for the same sign work.  The first vendor created the design and mounted it.  At the first hard wind, a portion of it came crashing down.  I paid again for another vendor to come in and remount the sign with the right components.  Was I upset? Yes, I was upset and more so since I couldn't get the first vendor to call me back and fix the problem.  What do I think about when I see the sign now?  I think about how the sign has more than paid for itself in walk in business.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 02/16/2012