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    I took a bike ride early this morning.  I suppose you can call me a collector of bicycles since a kind expression would be to say I own "a few."  It suddenly hit me that I did not blog this morning.  I had a long ride and about the only thing I want to do after riding is sleeping.

    My ride was made harder because I chose the wrong bike for the ride.  I don't know why I forgot that our Sunday rides can have a bit of pace to them.  I chose one of my semi recumbent bicycles.  It's a fine bicycle when you want to ride flat or downhill surfaces but uphill is no treat.  Right next to that bicycle is my lightest and fastest one.  

    Like my bicycle ride this morning, the right equipment for the job can make what you're doing much faster and will reduce the effort it takes.  Now I think I'll take another nap.  I'm still feeling pretty tired from the poor choice I made this morning on bicycles.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 02/19/2012