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Opportunity cost in action

One trait which small business operators possess is thriftiness.  If you don't learn how to stretch a dollar as a business operator then you're soon to find yourself in cash flow trouble.

Over the years (o.k. perhaps a decade or so) I had accumulated about a dozen pens.  They were each beautiful but needed to have their respective ink tubes replaced.  They sat in a jar on my desk for years and I'd have at least a couple of clients throughout the years reach for one of those faulty pens to sign documents only to inform them that none of them worked.  I thought many times about grabbing those pens and heading down to the office supply store but never did.  So what does empty pens have to do with opportunity costs?  Well, I dumped all those pens in the trash can and now used the opportunity to place pens and pencils that work there instead.  I know exactly where they're going to be and don't have to waste time looking in drawers to get a writing utensil.  Do I cry over the beautiful pens tossed in the trash can?  No.  It's time to move on.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/02/2012