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    I hope I remembered the phrase correctly.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with a gentleman dropping off some paperwork and he mentioned how he wanted to start a business but couldn't make up his mind on which type to start.  I shared with him some of my stories of people who started successful businesses with very little money.  The funny thing about those successful businesses is the owners didn't know the odds of success or failure.  They had passion for what they wanted to do and just did it.

    He was the one who provided me the phrase for todays blog title.  I was mentioning to him how it's important not to trade education and knowledge for the nerve to become your own boss.  For me, I remember wanting to start a business before I began my studies in College.  After I completed College, it seemed that I lost my nerve for years when I was provided the knowledge of the new business failure rate.  His phrase summed up my thoughts on the matter succintly.

    Yes, I'd rather have ignorance on fire than knowledge on ice.  I've known so many more successful entrepreneurs in the former category than the latter.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 03/06/2012