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Repair versus replace

My heavy duty paper shredder began to make a squeeking sound two weeks ago.  At first I thought perhaps some paper was lodged but over time the squeeking remained.  I counsel my clients about this type of situation from time to time.  Do I repair or do I replace?  In the past, my office would burn the motor out on office supply store shredders within a year to a year and a half.  I found this commercial grade shredder about 4 years ago and had no problems up til now.  What do I do?

I weighed out the costs, the quality of the equipment and the estimated remaining life.  It turns out this particular shredder is actually a high quality one (didn't know) with a life expectancy of decades (with proper maintenance).  Though I'm not exactly happy with the 4 plus hours of repair time of the machine, I feel pretty good about my decision to repair.  It's not a guarantee of long life for my shredder but a calculated decision based upon all the facts involved.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/08/2012