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    When we were getting our building ready to occupy a year and a half ago, I sought out the advice of a client whose taste is excellent.  She suggested painting the office walls Khaki.  Well, there was a bit of an accident when I purchased the paint for the office.  The hardware store was out of Khaki but had expedition khaki instead.  Well, what's the difference as long as it was khaki right?  The different is expedition khaki is something you might see in the desert.

    In the first couple of days, I had a hard time getting used to the color.  My associate in the office referred to the color as baby puke.  Though I made an accident when I ordered the paint, it was actually one that worked out for me.  The color appears cheerful and with the limited light coming into the building, I believe the look might have taken on a gloomy appearance had I placed the color order correctly.

    It just goes to show that sometimes things just might work out after all.  Even if it was by mistake.

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    Richard J. Garcia | 03/10/2012