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    Before I begin, I need to mention I am not a licensed as a medical professional so please consult yours to make sure you are healthy enough for what I am suggesting today.

    I am always looking for an edge to improve my personal level of productive hours available.  I have a giant mug (eight glass capacity) which I wash and fill with two trays of ice and water to have for proper hydration.  If I don't drink enough, I may experience daytime fatigue.

    I noticed a nice improvement in my energy level by eating raw fruit at mid morning and mid afternoon.  Instead of crashing at a certain time of the afternoon, my energy level seems to remain more constant and I'm able to get more done.

    These two tips seem to be working for me right now.  I understand from reading that my metabolism may speed up If I eat more times throughout the day.  Of course, smaller sized portions but you get the idea.

    Richard J. Garcia | 02/17/2010