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Take steps to make work easier

Years ago I purchased a used commercial grade shredder.  The fellow I bought it from acquired a number of them in a bulk sale.  He told me they were previously owned by NASA which I thought was pretty cool.  Anyway, I had been missing a bag holder when I first acquired the shredder.  It wasn't a deal breaker for me as we used old boxes which previously held reams of paper in them as a short term solution which eventually had became a long term problem.

Last week my order for the bag holder came in.  We won't have to worry about streams of shredded paper falling along the trail from where we have the shredder to where our recycling bin is anymore.  It may not seem like a big deal but if you can reduce the steps in any process then you gain time for more productive pursuits.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/19/2012