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Every job deserves respect

Yesterday I met with tax clients after a stress relieving morning bicycle ride.  After my last client of the day, I wavered on getting to a long overdue yard chore for the patio area behind our building.  With Spring finally here, I really needed to trim back some greenery.  I had already purchased an new electronic hedge clipper from Sears to make the job a snap.  Still, I was pretty tired and the thought of delaying the task was enticing.  After much thought, I began cutting back the overhang into our property.

Professionals make landscaping appear pretty easy.  I didn't find it easy at all.  I'd say I thought about hiring someone to complete the job at least a dozen times throughout the period I spent trimming back the branches and such.  The only thing which kept me from doing so was the thought of my Mother who would spend hours mowing and edging her yard after I had married and moved into a home of my own.  If my Mother could spend hours outdoors taking care of her yard then her son could do the same for a little patch of patio.

Every job deserves respect to the person who fills the task.  Each one performed deserves our respect and admiration for seeing it through to completion.

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/25/2012