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Doing things the right way

My oldest child was upset as a result of a her first reported fender bender.  She backed into the neighbor's car before attempting to go buy frosties from a local Wendy's restaurant yesterday.  "Why can't they just be cool about it and have us fix it without reporting it to the Police and the insurance carrier" she asked.  She's still a relatively new driver and I believe she isn't as careful as she should be.  I understand her line of thinking but attempted to explain that processes are there for a reason.

Clients have tried to circumvent the process with tax agencies and eventually engage our services to "do it right".  My daughter, though legally considered an adult, still expects the world to work in the manner she sees fit.  No amount of consoling was going to salve her frustration of things being handled "by the book".

Am I happy about a claim on our insurance policy?  No.  I'm fully expecting our insurance premiums to take a hit.  Still, I tried to make it a learning experience for her by showing that I'm sorry in life isn't enough to make the accidents in life go away.  That's why we have insurance and are careful when we operate a moving vehicle.  Thank the Lord no one was injured. 

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/26/2012