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Where to put an office for your business

The movies and TV shows depict offices largely in office buildings or store front properties.  Certainly a street front location will increase your chances of walk in business but many small business operators don't have the cash flow yet for an office out of the home or apartment.  Does that mean their business will fail? A definite no.

An office for your business can be a kitchen table, a nook in a bedroom or even a space made in your garage.  Certainly there are tax deduction considerations to make but anywhere you have room when you start your business works.  Over time, as your business grows, your cash flow will allow you to move your office out of your home and into a larger space outside your home which will be able to contain all your equipment, files and such.

Do you have to move your office out of your home?  No.  I work with a number of successful businesses which work out of their home or apartment and generate a full time income for their families. 

The question is, what works for you?

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Richard J. Garcia | 03/31/2012