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    I was so good for many years in carrying my business cards on me.  Early on, I recognized how an opportunity might develop where someone might be interested in using my services and the card provided key information for them on my location, phone number and services offered.  Over time I have become compacent and they don't always travel with me.  Why?  There really isn't a good excuse for me and for those who don't carry their cards either.

    Yesterday, after Church ended, a fellow parishioner approached me and asked me for a business card for a friend interested in my services.  Oh Gosh, I didn't have a card on me as I hadn't expected anyone to ask.  Luckily I remembered a few cards I had in my car and grabbed a couple for her to keep and to give to her friend. See what I mean about how an opportunity to acquire a new client may present itself anywhere and at any time?

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    Richard J. Garcia | 04/02/2012