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Bring a little bit of resort to your business life

For years and years, I've kept very little at my office for snacks and such.  It was a rather austere existence but it worksed due to the space limitions at our old location.  Little by little, I've begun to add a bit of panache into my work day.  I'm trying to take a page from a resort and create a bit of their comforts in the office.  For me, I know I'm a stress eater.  I'll gorge on things I should probably take a pass on since I keep such long hours.

Lately I've begun stocking my refrigerator with things I'd expect to find in a resort restaurant.  Honey, jellies, creme cheese, bagels are but a few of the comforts now chilling in my refrigerator.  Just this morning I picked up a bag of Oreos as a Lunch dessert. 

It doesn't take much to bring you a feeling of indulgence to your business life.  It just takes a bit of planning.

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Richard J. Garcia | 04/10/2012