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Balancing your clients needs with yours

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy day.  We had made another tax deadline this week and could back off of the pace at which we were operating for seemingly so long.  I had the opportunity to dine at a historical Hotel's restaurant downtown with good company when a flurry of phone calls started on my cell phone.  A client suddenly had a rush on a project they needed and I had hours instead of days to get it done.  Was it fair to our firm?  No.

It's always tough to balance your client's needs against your own as a small business operator.  To say no to them means the possible loss of your client but to meet their rigorous deadlines can cement their loyalty to your firm.  I wound up completing the task and letting them know that we can't always perform at the last minute.  It's not fair to the provider of services and to the other clients who were ahead of them in the work schedule.

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Richard J. Garcia | 04/20/2012