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What's fair in business depends on your viewpoint

A number of years ago, I was in the Hospital for gall bladder surgery.  I shared a hospital room with another patient and a curtain divided us so neither could see the other.  From my view point, he seemed to get the lions share of attention.  Staff were in to check on him probably four times more often than me and my bedside care was frequently only a mere "you ok"?  After awhile I began to feel like I was being short sheeted.  I'm in pain here and no one seems to care about me while the guy in the next bed gets the royal treatment.  It wasn't until I got so angry at waiting for help to use the bathroom that I hobbled to the toilet and discovered for myself why my roomie recieved so much attention.  He had lost his legs and was facing recovery on yet another procedure.  I felt like a heel for being so selfish about my needs.

In business, fair is based upon your viewpoint.  It's important to see things from the other person's position to help make sure you are as fair as you can be to all parties.

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Richard J. Garcia | 04/21/2012