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Bring out your personality in business

Years ago, I was on a business trip in Philadelphia.  I stopped off at a neighborhood cheesesteak restaurant (the city and this particular restaurant is supposed to be famous for their philly cheesesteak sandwiches).  I asked which was their best selling item and the order taker's reply was that each of the selection were best sellers.  OK, I'll play along I thought.  I then asked which is their highest grossing item on the board?  Again, each were exactly the same as the others.  My question had everything to do with choosing the sandwich which the locals enjoyed most.  More than likely, I would probably find it just as delicious.

Bringing out your personality in business is a key means of retaining clients and obtaining new ones.  Being a smart mouth (like the order taker) probably means potentially losing customers to competitors. 

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Richard J. Garcia | 04/23/2012