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The importance of information in business

Did you ever face an instance where you thought your data sources were accurate and then find out better was out there?  Recently that exact circumstance happened to me.  What I thought was complete regarding one of our company's marketing statistical reports turned out to be incomplete.  Did it bother me?  Of course but then you have to move on and improve the tools you work with (which I did just yesterday).

I suppose you must also balance the value of complete information with the timeliness of receiving it.  What use is it to receive a scouting report on your favorite teams opponent if the big game has already been played?  It's of little use even though you now have complete and accurate data.  For me, I am thankful to have another report which one of our vendor's has supplied which gives me a different way of tracking our marketing campaigns.  Now, we have something more accurate and more timely to make better business decisions.  Doesn't that sort of thing help even more?

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Richard J. Garcia | 06/09/2012