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I am in pain.  Literally, I am in pain.  A toothache has my complete attention and a trip to the Dentist was made yesterday.  I have a follow up with a specialist later in the week but I still learned tons from my experience yesterday.  The Dentist who treated me was friendly and chatty.  That sort of trait goes miles for me.  My previous Dentists were matter of fact, assembly line kind of operators.  As a result, I can't even remember what they look like.

I plan to take what I liked about my recent visit and use it in mine.  No, I'm not going to be working on teeth but I do plan to remember to be more personable when meeting with clients. Yesterday's experience was a bit unnerving for me (hey, who really likes having their teeth drilled on) but I think I've found the next Dentist I'll be using for many, many years thanks to his friendly disposition.

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Richard J. Garcia | 06/19/2012