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How to choose your business for self employment

I had a client in a few years back.  That person was considering a career change.  Though in a job paying very well, the passion to work in a completely different field seemed attractive.  I asked only a few questions.  You are at the top of your field, can you afford the loss of pay to do something you love to do?  Are you prepared to start at the bottom of your new field of interest?

When deciding on what business to start, be honest with yourself in answering the questions I directed at the client.  You need to look at how much you need to live, do you possess the skill set to run that business and do you have a back up plan should things not work out.

Being self employed is wonderful and I speak from experience.  There's just a lot more to it than I imagined when I took the chance to be my own boss.

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Richard J. Garcia | 07/09/2012